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Windsor wedding - Resh and Sat

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” Ansel Adams This is a quote by one of the greatest landscape photographers that ever lived and I must say it is subconsciously reflected in most of my photographs. In our rich Asian culture, wedding photo shoots have become an important tradition. It is one of the things the bride, groom and their families most look forward to. And I think that's what photography is all about. Taking an image. Freezing a moment. Making memories. Revealing how rich reality truly is. In wedding photography or any other type for that matter, having an attractive subject can achieve great results. My last shoot at Windsor, made me realise this even more. Resh and Sat, an extremely cooperative couple recently tied the knot. Their ability to pose so effortlessly and calmness in front of the lenses is no different from that of professional models. This makes it very easy for me, the photographer, to bring their beauty out the picture.

Usually, most photographers prefer keeping the subject in the very centre according to the rule of thirds but bending rules to break from convention, for me, is a sign of creativity. A low angle landscape shot with the groom matching the slightly dull colour scheme and the shocking red lehnga providing a contrast.

This has to be one of my favorites. Anyone can take pictures from a DSLR, but capturing the outpouring of emotions and passion at the right millisecond to make it look natural is a skill that comes only through experience. The complimentary coloured dressing makes the two seem as a single unit. To enhance and emphasise the expressions, the background is left blurred so the focus stays on the subjects. Editing is a vital part of the whole process and requires a clear direction of the story you want to portray through the photograph.


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