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Oatlands Park Hotel's wedding - Andleeb and Waqar

Working as a professional photographer, wedding assignments offer some amazing opportunities creatively. I have two people looking their best and very often some inspiring locations to shoot at. Here in the U.K at least, there is the chance that the venues may include hotels converted from stately homes or listed county manor houses with beautiful period features and amazing grounds.

All providing a seemingly never ending array of places to shoot at. My usual limitation being only the amount of time the bride and groom have available for me between speeches and first dance, cutting cake and mingling with guests!

In addition, there is something very nice about having a very intimate and personal access to the couples preparations, their excitement, nerves and "behind the scenes" look at their day, that most people don't get to see.

This photograph is one of my favorites from the day and was shot at Oatlands Park Hotel.

Asian wedding photography at Oatlands Park Hotel

Getting this photo right wasn't easy, I was literally hanging/climbing through the railing but hey, the things we have to do to get a wow photograph and here is the result, Hope you will like it!


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